Concerned Citizens of Quogue, Inc., (CCQ) is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in 2013, whose members share a strong interest in protecting Quogue’s 2.7 miles of ocean beach and dunes, which are unquestionably the Village’s greatest assets.  We are homeowners, taxpayers, voters and both summer and year-round residents.  We share concern for the environment, especially as it pertains to coastal erosion, global warming and rising sea levels.


Our Mission

  • To research and explore effective and affordable methods of growing and sustaining our dunes and beaches
  • To enhance our knowledge by communicating with experts in Academia and in the field
  • To educate the citizens of Quogue (adults and children alike) about the proper methods of beach and dune protection
  • To establish a liaison with Quogue leaders and trustees to help create Plans designed to protect, grow, and sustain our dunes and beaches


Our Position

CCQ is taking the position that it will pursue and recommend alternative solutions to protecting Quogue’s present and future beach. Since CCQ’ s primary concern is the condition of the beach and habitat, we would not favor any man made permanent seawall structures that would harmfully contribute to increased erosion of the beach. CCQ will continue to follow the latest developments in coastal management and support efforts to scrape, fence, and plant. It will increase its efforts to inform Quogue residents of any benign alternatives and solutions.

CCQ opposes a premature $15,000,000 initial beach investment entailing costly additional maintenance expenditures for taxpayers. The project will not protect mainland Quogue from storm surge. The Quogue beach is not endangered nor is it an erosion hot spot.

The proposed project’s cost estimates are both speculative and unquantifiable. The evidence for accurately forecasting Northeasters and hurricanes over time is non-existent. A $15,000,000 beach investment could disappear in a year or two.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Is there an email address for someone with whom I can communicate electronically? I am a member of the Nantucket Coastal Conservancy Coordinating Team. Thank you.

  2. Hello, we live at 30 dune road and have noticed a massive beach erosion in front of our house. We are just west of the surf club. Do you know of any reason why just our stretch of beach is experiencing this erosion? We did notice a large ship last year in the ocean for months- I assume it was dredging. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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