Quogue’s Own “Folly” Beach?

Last week, The Post and Courier of South Carolina published a story entitled “Folly Beach Renourishment Sand Disappears in Storm”. (Click here for full article.)

As the title suggests, a recent storm washed away much of the renourishment sand that had been dumped on the beach little more than a month before. The controversial $30 million project had been a point of contention between property owners, the city and taxpayers.

In the article, the Army Corps of Engineers project manager was quoted as saying “’[Renourishment] sand doesn’t stop erosion. It protects properties. We put the required amount of sand out there. The sand didn’t hold up better because the beach is in worse condition than it was’ before the last renourishment in 2005.”

According to the article, the cost of the 2005 renourishment was $12 million. That figure is less than half the cost of the most recent renourishment—mirroring the soaring cost of beach nourishment across the country.

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