Geologists’ Timeless 1981 ‘Skidaway Report’

All the way back in March of 1981, a group of concerned coastal geologists authored a position paper on “Saving the American Beach”; the result of the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography Conference on America’s Eroding Shoreline. It was subsequently presented to U.S. President Reagan in 1982.

In it, leading geologists from across the country outlined the threats of coastal development in the face of shoreline erosion, and recommended solutions that avoid the immense costs—both fiscal and environmental—of structural stabilization.

Over more than 30 years later, several recommendations have been incorporated into coastal management policy in some States, though many others have gone unheeded.

As part of CCQ’s ongoing effort to educate on the topic, we would like to call attention to this important position paper and the prescient recommendations championed by these scientists over 30 years ago.

We hope the insights of this paper will enhance current and ongoing dialogue of the responsible methods for managing our natural assets. A copy of the original report is available here.

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