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Does Hurricane Sandy Have a Silver Lining?

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy split Fire Island into two islands, creating a new inlet to the bay behind it. Contrary to the fears of many, there is no evidence suggesting that the opening of the new inlet has increased the risk of of flooding to the mainland (see the following USGS study, Hurricane Sandy Impacts Did Not Contribute to Subsequent Storm Flooding). In fact, scientists say that the breach actually helps clean the bay waters, and fishermen are seeing positive changes.

The following video is courtesy of National Geographic.

A Long-Term Solution Is Needed For Quogue’s Beaches

The following editorial originally ran in The Southampton Press, Western edition, Page A11 of Thursday, August 6, 2015.

On Monday, August 10, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation will hold a public hearing in Quogue allowing local residents to air their views regarding the village’s permit application for a comprehensive $15 million beach nourishment project. (Click here to launch a pre-addressed email to the DEC, and let your voice be heard!) The application seeks approval to dredge 1.1 million cubic yards of sand from a “borrow area” located one mile offshore and place it, in various proportions, along the entire 2.7-mile Quogue beachfront. The stated purpose of the project is to replace the accumulated sand deficit, mitigate further erosion and maintain the integrity of the barrier island.

Not surprisingly, however, a thorough review of previously submitted written comments to the DEC indicates that the hearing will further highlight that opposition to this project is committed and widespread; in fact, if a voter referendum were held today it would probably be defeated by a substantial majority. Continue reading A Long-Term Solution Is Needed For Quogue’s Beaches

A Beach Project Built on Sand

On August 22nd, The New York Times published an op-ed piece (page A23) authored by Dr. Rob Young, the esteemed coastal geologist who moderated and co-hosted our August 10th presentation by Cornelia Dean, and who also presented to our community last August. It is an important read for members of all coastal communities, and especially Quogue.

Though the op-ed focuses squarely on the dredging project proposed for Fire Island, the issues raised are nearly identical to those we face in Quogue.

As Dr. Young laments at the end of his piece, “we now favor political expediency over science, and action over a thoughtful evaluation of its long-term consequences.”

After reading Dr. Young’s article, and in consideration of the proposed $15 million dredging project for Quogue, we hope our neighbors will agree with the need for an open, objective and constructive Village-led forum for considering these issues holistically.

We strongly encourage all to read and share this important piece.

Click here to read the entire article.