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D.C. Is First to Plan to Remove, Retrofit Flood-Prone Buildings

According to Bloomberg, Washington D.C. is announcing a goal of retrofitting or removing all of its flood-prone buildings by 2050, the first major U.S. city to set such a policy.

“In some cases, we’re going to have to figure out how to do managed retreat and relocation,” said Kevin Bush, Washington’s chief resilience officer and the lead author of the strategy.

The Congressional Budget Office recently projected that hurricanes and storms will consume 0.3 percent of the nation’s GDP, while bond rating companies warn that ignoring extreme weather will hurt cities’ credit ratings.

The same may be true for towns, like Southampton.

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Could Dredging Quogue’s Ocean Floor Harm Our Beachfront?

We are all stewards of our beach. All homeowners in Quogue consider our ocean beaches a precious natural resource, and all should have a say on any proposal that would alter our coastline.

The impact on Quogue’s oceanfront will not only affect a specific area (an est.1.3 miles of Quogue beach) as is proposed, but our entire 2.7 miles of oceanfront and our community as a whole. Continue reading Could Dredging Quogue’s Ocean Floor Harm Our Beachfront?

Water’s Edge: The Crisis of Rising Sea Levels

“Rising sea levels are not just a future threat: They are already here, a documented fact,” says a team of researchers in a recently published volume of reporting by Reuters.

The investigation, titled Water’s Edge: The Crisis of Rising Sea Levels, provides a cogent look at the erosion issues facing our coastline, the fiscal disaster that is unfolding through efforts to protect coastal property, and the perverse actions of local and federal governments in continuing to encourage beachfront development.

“Higher water levels compound the effects of storms and regular flooding, hastening erosion… yet the law has done little to discourage growth in harm’s way,” says the investigative team.

“Despite laws intended to curb development where rising seas pose the greatest threat, Reuters finds that government is happy to help the nation indulge in its passion for beachfront living.”

Much of that help comes from federal government in the form of financial incentives, while local governments help by authorizing engineering projects that create massive costs to taxpayers and the environment—all the while, providing a false sense of security to those who live along the coast.
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